Email List & Fundraising Benchmarks, Email Group Best Practices

Want to know how your organization/campaign matches up to the other guys, at least as far as email list performance goes? M&R Strategic Services’ Eve Fox writes in with the company’s summary and comparison of three recent email list benchmarking studies. Some findings? Bigger lists work better, overall online fundraising is on the rise, and rapid response pays off. Also, online donors tend to be younger and to earn more money than direct-mail donors. A summary quote from the report:

The three recent benchmarks studies capture online program metrics from a variety of nonprofits that focus on a multitude of issue areas. Though the data differs (sic) somewhat among the studies, one point is perfectly clear: the Internet is the place for nonprofits to invest!

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Next, Beaconfire Consulting takes a look at one of the oldest forms of online community, the email list/email group. The company spent months monitoring 64 environmental discussion groups and figuring out what makes them tick, and they’ve put together a list of seven secrets to list success along with an analysis of list dynamics. One interesting conclusion that Beaconfire’s Eric Eckl points out in an email:

Of particular note for nonprofit organizations, concerned citizens formed many of these groups on their own initiative without any assistance or participation from a formal organization, and participants on most of these lists pay little attention to the activities of the national environmental groups. Those national organizations that figure out how to overcome this gap and successfully engage with these outspoken citizens stand to reap some big rewards.

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