Colin Delany May 18, 2007

MoveOn Takes On MySpace: Fur Flies at PDF

You knew something interesting might happen at this afternoon’s Personal Democracy Forum panel on citizen-generated content right from the start — as the crowd gathered, a confrontational flier put together by circulated through the room, accusing MySpace of censoring site members’ words and pictures. Once the discussion got rolling, MoveOn’s Eli Pariser wasn’t shy about repeating the points as a part of his discussion of the strengths and drawbacks of social media. Also on the panel? MySpace’s Jeff Berman, who defended his site as a democratic community that thrived on user-generated content and which would be foolish to poison its own well.

You can read more about MoveOn’s accusations on their petition page, but I’ll summarize Eli’s points here: as more and more political expression moves onto commercial platforms such as MySpace or YouTube, we risk running afoul of what he characterized as “unreliable mediators.

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