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April 18th, 2013

More On Getting Out The Vote and Election Day Fun

The Hotline has two very hot documents from the Republican database-driven turnout machine, one describing their (apparently very successful) absentee ballot program in Michigan and the other listing sample voter contact numbers by state and district. Burt Edwards has pointed out this excellent...

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Quick Hits — November 6, 2006

Gaming the Search Engine, in a Political Season. The Times takes on Google-bombing. Both the Times and the Post have articles looking at political uses of online video, with the Times focusing more on home-made video and the power of viral spread and the Post concentrating more on the ability of...

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Covering the Voter Turnout Drive

A number of news outlets talk about the last-minute turnout game today, with Republican strategists touting the 72 Hour Project in a wire service article that ran in papers ranging from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to the Miami Herald. The database-driven voter mobilization effort was also one of...

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