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Email Advocacy: Don’t Look Like a Spammer

Two guest columns in as many days! Let’s spread some e.politics love and hear from my old friend Phil Lepanto over at Connections Media, who has some excellent tips for making sure that your advocacy messages don’t get caught in a spam filter:...

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Practice Safe Satire Online: Think Before You Click

Guest article! My colleaugue Burt Edwards sees the Lieberman/Lamont blog controversy as a cautionary tale for political commentators and communicators — bloggers and media relations folks alike. A wise man once commented that, “Any jackass can kick down a barn but it takes a good...

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Online Politics — A Train That Keeps Arriving

Thinking more about William Saletan’s piece today, it does strike me how often ‘net politics seems to be a force “whose moment has come.” Remember when Bob Dole mentioned his campaign site’s URL in a 1996 presidential debate? Or when a significant number of Americans...

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