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WSJ: Cable Attracts Campaign Dollars

Excellent article, and it hits on my current favorite theme, microtargeting. Subscription only, alas. Some critical quotes: “Though most political ad dollars traditionally are spent after Labor Day, tight primaries and early spending on House, Senate and gubernatorial races have pushed...

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More on McCain’s Web Team

Has John McCain assembled an internet juggernaut? Hotline On Call has terrific details of the group he’s put together, which includes “top talent from nearly every major division of the Bush-Cheney campaign” as well as Dean’s ‘net guru and social marketing expert...

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Quick Hits — August 27, 2006

Nicco Mele Taking a Leave of Absence from EchoDitto. His support for John McCain seems to have raised concerns about the firm’s commitment to progressive causes and clients. He’s a damn sharp (and genuinely nice) guy, and that has to be a painful loss to the company. Online...

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Post Article on Text Messages as an Organizing Tool

Continuing this week’s SMS frenzy, the Post has a series of examples from around the world of how protest organizers are using text messages not only to turn out crowds but to manage them in the streets. But beware, your government might just cut off cell phone service to put a cramp in...

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