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Quick Hits — November 6, 2006

Gaming the Search Engine, in a Political Season. The Times takes on Google-bombing. Both the Times and the Post have articles looking at political uses of online video, with the Times focusing more on home-made video and the power of viral spread and the Post concentrating more on the ability of...

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Covering the Voter Turnout Drive

A number of news outlets talk about the last-minute turnout game today, with Republican strategists touting the 72 Hour Project in a wire service article that ran in papers ranging from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to the Miami Herald. The database-driven voter mobilization effort was also one of...

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Viral Marketing/MySpace Case Study

Jeff Goldsmith over at Care2 has written up his experience promoting a side project on MySpace and offers some quite useful pointers. Adventures of a Dead Elephant on MySpace talks about an attempt to get viral takeoff for some downloadable graphics making fun of Republicans. To get things...

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