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More Post-Election Wrap-Up

Two different takes on the use of search advertising in this election cycle, with the Rimm Kaufman Group not finding much but analyzing what they did, and Eric Frenchman at Connell Donatelli arguing that the Rimm Kaufman study missed much of the search advertising that was actually going on. He...

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The Campaign is Dead; Long Live the Campaign

Well, the elections are over except for the wailing, moaning, gnashing of teeth and of course the recounts and lawsuits. Now it’s back to the business of actually making politics work — proposing policies, persuading people that they’re good ideas and getting them passed. This...

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More On Getting Out The Vote and Election Day Fun

The Hotline has two very hot documents from the Republican database-driven turnout machine, one describing their (apparently very successful) absentee ballot program in Michigan and the other listing sample voter contact numbers by state and district. Burt Edwards has pointed out this excellent...

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