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Blogging/Online Advocacy Event Next Thursday

Six Apart is hosting an event at the Hotel Monaco next week that looks interesting. Early registration ($75) has been extended through tomorrow, so sign up now and save some cash. Topics include: Corporate Blogging: Building your Strategy and Establishing Policy Best Practices: 2.0 Politics and...

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New Site Looks at Online Political Tools

Sanford Dickert, former Kerry campaign CTO, has launched a great new site called PoliticalWarez to look at the technology of online politics. From the site’s mission statement: PoliticalWarez is Politics 2.0. Our mission is to identify, profile, test and even help develop the technologies...

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Quick Hits — October 10, 2006

‘Puppets’ Emerge as Internet’s Effective, and Deceptive, Salesmen. Beware the meat puppets! Excellent article by Frank Ahrens in the Post about astroturfing social networking sites, i.e., setting up fake profiles to sell a product. One idea that clearly works: have your campaign...

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On Vacation, But I’m Leaving You Some Homework

Hey kids! I’m off for a few days, heading to Kansas to see what’s wrong with the place (hint: it’ll involve a serious shortage of liquor once we’re through with the joint). Two of my best friends are getting married to each other, and seeing as they also just happen to be...

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