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Quick Hits — November 30, 2006

How-to site edition. Hiding in Plain Sight. Democracy In Action’s Jason Z. talks about the extent to which readers skim and filter our information — complete with a groovy eyeball route map over a typical newsletter. Link Building Strategy — “SEO’s Holy Grail”...

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Pulling Offline Members onto Your Email List

Sarah DiJulio with M&R Strategic Services has some excellent tips for converting traditional offline members into online activists. Switching members from snailmail to email for many communications has the obvious advantage of lowering mailing costs and can also reduce the barriers for...

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Quick Hits — November 29, 2006

2008 Candidates Search Web for Next New Thing. Writing in The Hill, Jonathan E. Kaplan gives a solid overview of social networking, YouTube and other new political tools. One nice twist — measuring and rewarding supporters’ online zeal. A tip from my NET colleague John Anthony (never...

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Event: Online Strategies in the 2006 Election

In DC this Friday, The Center for American Progress is hosting a discussion of what worked and what didn’t in the online component of the 2006 elections. The panel looks like a good cross-section of lefties — Megan Matson from Mainstreet Moms Organize or Bust (a grassroots...

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