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Quick Hits — December 14, 2006

Web 2.0 edition. Jaxtr Widget Lets Social Networkers Chat On Real Live Phones. TechCrunch writes up a new widget that connects your phone to your social networking profile and lets people call you through the site without you (or the caller) having to reveal a phone number. Could the concept be...

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Obama Hoopla Continues Online

Two interesting pieces for those of you following the Obamarama closely. First, in Beltway Blogroll, Danny Glover reprints a Heather Greenfield Tech Daily piece describing how Zephyr Teachout and John Hlinko have joined, a volunteer site devoted to, well, drafting Barak Obama (for...

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Learning about Social Media from a Horny Manatee

So, this manatee walks into the Internet… Burt Edwards, a man with his Finger on the Pulse, told me today about the whole Conan O’Brien/ phenomenon, something that I’d completely missed — gotta start “spending” more time on Fark. Burt pointed out...

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Participatory Media Tools for Nonprofits and Campaigns

My brief fling with Idealware has finally come to fruition — together, we have given birth to a brave new article about participatory media. What are we talking about? Tools like video sharing sites, blogs, social networking sites, social media and viral marketing — technologies that...

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Quick Hits — December 11, 2006

Adults Just Don’t Get the Instant Message. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer writes up a poll (not the first) that shows that younger folks are using IM as a replacement for email. Response #1: Whither email advocacy? Response #2: Damn kids, get off my lawn! Thanks to Burt Edwards for the tip...

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