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RNC Texting Election News and Alerts

The Republican National Committee has asked their email list members to sign up to receive election-related news and action alerts via text message. Not the first time the Rs have used text messaging, since Californians could read notes from Ah-nold during the state Republican convention back in...

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Tossing Emails into the Spin Blender

An article by David Jackson in yesterday’s USA Today reminds us that email, just about the oldest online advocacy tool around, is still a useful weapon in the political communications arsenal. Jackson focuses particularly on the White House’s rapid response efforts, but campaigns and...

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Fickle MySpace Audience; Google Courts Advertisers

Two Washington Post articles this weekend serve as a reminder of how fast the online communications world is changing. On Sunday, Yuki Noguchi looked at the fickle nature of social networking sites’ audiences, wondering if MySpace will meet the same fate as Xanga and Friendster before it...

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Quick Hits — October 27, 2006

Liberal Bloggers Try To Google-bomb Republicans. Chris Bowers of MyDD enlists the blogosphere to try to ensure that the “proper” articles about Republican candidates show up high in search results. Suggested by a loyal reader (thanks, Dad!). (The Bivings Report also takes this topic...

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NPR: Ken Mehlman on Using Data to Expand the Base

Today on Morning Edition, RNC Chair Ken Mehlman discussed some of the mechanics of using database-driven microtargeting to reach out to new voters. Specifically, he talks about the kinds of consumer choices that can indicate potential Republican leanings (hint: Lincolns and pickup trucks, not...

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The Worst Political Websites of 2006

Margarita recipes! Blogging dogs! (“Sometimes he sings to me and I dance and wag my tail…”). Indiana Dan (Burton), complete with bullwhip! These join empty pages, typos galore, “under construction” signs and the much-loved <blink> tag as ways to get on...

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