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Yay! Yet Another Way to Spam Congress

Update: A couple of readers have written in to say that I misunderstood how this one works or at least missed some significant features — wouldn’t be the first time. See below. The folks behind a dead anti-spam service called Blue Frog have decided to adapt their technology as an...

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Quick Hits — December 18, 2006

Extra-long weekend catch-up edition. EVERYBODY’S writing about Time’s choice of you (i.e., Web 2.0, participatory media, etc.) as Man of the Year. Thanks for noticing, MSM guys. Welcome to the party. Advocacy Tools You Need, Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle. Democracy in Action’s...

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Cell Phones as Transformative Technology

With the planet apparently on track to have 4 billion wireless subscribers by 2010, let’s take a second to look at the effects of the one piece of electronic equipment that will eventually reach just about everyone on Earth. In the words of Salon’s How The World Works, Whether...

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Quick Hits — December 15, 2006

Top YouTube Videos. Todd at The Bivings Report collects several of the best and (unlike the AP) actually shows them to us. Lonelygirl meets Macaca on a Lazy Sunday afternoon… DeLay’s Missteps Still Haunting GOP. Check out some of the comments posted on Delay’s new blog (ouch!)...

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Is MySpace Dead?

Marketing guy Scott Smigler thinks so, based on what he sees as the poor quality of its user experience (“cheap”). According to him, the Facebook folks in contrast are constantly improving their site’s features and are much better at responding to user needs and complaints. As...

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