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Covering the Voter Turnout Drive

A number of news outlets talk about the last-minute turnout game today, with Republican strategists touting the 72 Hour Project in a wire service article that ran in papers ranging from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to the Miami Herald. The database-driven voter mobilization effort was also one of...

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Viral Marketing/MySpace Case Study

Jeff Goldsmith over at Care2 has written up his experience promoting a side project on MySpace and offers some quite useful pointers. Adventures of a Dead Elephant on MySpace talks about an attempt to get viral takeoff for some downloadable graphics making fun of Republicans. To get things...

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CDC Using Second Life for Health Education

Nedra Kline Weinreich has a fascinating article about how the Centers for Disease Control is exploring Second Life as they look at ways social media can be used to promote public health. She interviews CDC Second Life representative John Anderton at length about why and how the agency decided to...

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