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Cell Phones, Web Spread Rumors of Civil War in Iraq

Writing in today’s Post, Sudarsan Raghavan and Nancy Trejos describe how cell phone messages and websites are wratcheting up the level of tension among civilians in Iraq. Besides distributing tips for neighborhood defense (note: put snipers on the roof, and if you have anti-tank missiles...

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Eleven Years and Counting

It occurred to me the other day that e.politics really got started eleven years ago this weekend, way back in 1995. (Remember 1995? Before the dot-com boom? Before Monica Lewinsky? Back when budget deficits were on their way out, corporate Alternative Rock ruled the airwaves, and our long...

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Wiki-ing the Political Power Structure

Steve Rubel points out a new application of wikis on his Micropersuasion site today: breaking out corporate organization charts, pieces of information usually tightly held by companies because of the details they would reveal to competitors. Political applications of the concept jump right out at...

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Quick Hits — November 20, 2006

Catching-up-with-the-blogs edition. Credit Where Due To The Netroots. National Journal’s Beltway Blogroll reports on Republican campaign folks giving props to lefty bloggers for Webb’s victory in Virginia and for adding to the “national anti-Republican mood.” Eric...

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More on Using Widgets for Fundraising

Beth Kanter, author of the excellent Beth’s Blog (a great resource on technology and the nonprofit world), writes in to talk more about fundraising with widgets. I’ve just spent about month or so researching widgets for nonprofits over at my blog. The most exciting one, I think, is...

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Quick Hits — November 19, 2006

Think piece edition! The New World, the Rise of the New Culture of Participation. Futurist Jamais Cascio examines the potential of social media and other open source and participatory technologies to leverage the collective intelligence of the internet — and perhaps transform political...

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