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Quick Hits — February 2, 2007

Maine considers restrictions on text messaging between lawmakers and lobbyists, no doubt in an effort to save the poor lobbyists’ thumbs. Anti-Blog Hysteria In The State Capitols. Bloggers apparently hunger for human brains (mmmmmm, delicious brains). Stupidest. Blog Article. Evar. Bloggers...

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Fineman: Judging a Candidate by His Website

My old Austin buddy Chris Cosart passes along this Newsweek column by Howard Fineman, who compares Hillary and Obama’s websites and more traditional offline organizing efforts and finds Barak’s lacking. Um, yeah. The guy just decided to run a couple of months ago, and you’re...

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Times Up, Post Down, Newspaper Blogs Surge

Interesting Nielsen results for newspaper sites in a Huffington Post piece by Blake Fleetwood: The NY Times is well ahead of the Washington Post, something that surprises me, considering that the Times has blocked access to many stories for non-subscribers and the Post has been very aggressive in...

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Tech Daily: YouTube Boom May Mean New Jobs On Campaigns

Heather Greenfield called a couple of weeks ago when she was working on this article, and National Journal’s Technology Daily has kindly given permission for me to reprint it. YouTube Boom May Mean New Jobs On Campaigns by Heather Greenfield Online campaign strategists are predicting such...

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