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Quick Hits — February 11, 2007

Spotlight: Hit Back Hard. Another reminder of the need for speed in the web world. “Rapid response” means just that. Campaigns brace for Web video blitz. Online video goes local, singing “Kansas City, here I come” (“Of the city’s 12 mayoral candidates, seven have...

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Quick Hits — February 8, 2007

Now, 100% zombie-free! (Apparently, and sadly, zombie humor is a bit too obscure for primetime.) IPDI interviews Jeff Mascott of the Adfero Group on 2006 as a breakthrough year in politics and technology, the rise of user-generated content, and integrated CRM as a key to victory. Nice techno...

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Reading Business 2.0 for Fun and Profit

Hi y’all, I’ve gotten my first issue of a new Business 2.0 subscription (Christmas present — thanks, mom and dad) and am clearly going to get hooked on this sucker. Besides regular coverage of recent developments in the online business world, both large and small (and if advocacy...

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Low-Cost Email List Management Options

Earlier today, I had a question about cheap/free email list management options, so I asked a big group of progressive web folks which applications they’d recommend. The results were impressively broad, and I’ve gathered them up in one list along with samples of what folks had to say...

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