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Creating Effective Political Video for the Web

Today’s Internet Advocacy Roundtable zeroed in on effective web political video, with presenters David Livingston of Capitol Hill Broadcasting Network and Dan Manatt of PoliticsTV joining organizer Alan Rosenblatt to speak before a group sprinkled with experienced online video producers...

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What to Look for When You’re Hiring a Designer

Guest article! Designer/consultant Heather Gardner-Madras, who’s built up quite the fan club in the progressive online community, has put together a list of things to think about when you’re hiring a designer for your next project. As someone who’s been on both sides of the...

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Terrific Collection of Online Video Resources

Read/Write Web has put together a great collection of resources for online video, including everything from file-sharing sites such as YouTube and iFilm (and a bunch more I hadn’t heard of) to online video-editing sites, video search sites, streaming video vendors and video blogs. And, the...

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Learning about Audience-Building from a New Blogger

Last week, I got reconnected with one of the first people I met when I moved to DC ten years ago, Eric Wingerter, only to find out that the poor guy has been bitten by the blogging bug. More than that, after just six weeks, his site is already attracting a healthy and growing readership of...

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In Praise of Occasional Brochureware

Those of us immersed in the online world tend to go a little ga-ga over the cutting-edge stuff — social media, social networking, RSS, viral video, etc. While these new channels for online activism are cool and all, what if you’re working with a campaign that really needs a public face...

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Some Specifics on Using RSS for Campaigns

Brian Fitzgerald of Greenpeace has written up a couple of ways his organization is using RSS and has allowed me to reprint his description here for e.politics groupies. Besides straightforward applications such as content distribution across a constellation of sites, Greenpeace is also combining...

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