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Five Must-Dos When You’re Planning A Web Project

Guest article! Tia Sumler, an old friend and the web guru at, has plumbed the depths and scaled the heights of her experiences with online projects and put together a list of things that you just might oughta do when you’re starting out on something new. This piece, like...

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Less Than A Month Until Politics Online

Woo ha! It’s less than a month before the annual gathering-of-the-tribe known as the Politics Online Conference, and you’d better be planning to go or you’re really gonna miss out. Last year’s conference gave me the idea to start this e.politics website you’re...

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Quick Hits — February 16, 2007

Fox’s Answer to The Daily Show Ends Up on YouTube. Sounds like it may be good, if you don’t expect your comedy shows to contain actual humor. Reelpopblog psychically predicts Slate review, offers own pre-evisceration. Majority of Americans Feel Bloggers Play a Valuable Role...

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