Sixteen Asks in Just Ten Hours: The Government-Shutdown Fundraising Frenzy

Just a few hours to go until the government shuts down! While some folks may be turning to random Craigslist hookups to pass their time at home, the political world has money on its mind, rather than sex. Much of the coverage of the defund-Obamacare movement has focused on the boost its given to conservative groups, as we saw last week, but Democrats have seized on today’s Congressional deadline in a big way. Groups large and small have been carpet-bombing my email inbox all day, which is a perfect opportunity to observe tactics and trends.

The upshot: sixteen emails in ten hours (8AM – 5:50PM Eastern), not even counting a few advocacy messages related to the shutdown but not focused on raising money. Four senders used ActBlue, one NGP, one Blue State (the DNC) and one NationBuilder. Two others used systems that are either proprietary or unidentifiable. Here’s the full list:

Sender Subject Line URL Notes
Emily’s List ** Fwd: I refuse to let Republicans take control landing page Note: References/repeats a message from earlier today; arrived while I was formatting this list.
DNC (as Barack Obama) Crucial landing page Note: actually an end-of-quarter message, but I’m including it b/c it arrived while I was formatting this list.
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Comittee BREAKING VOTE RESULTS: (shutdown) landing page Note: check out the landing page URL and look at the donation-amount presets in the string of variables.
Rob Zerban (Candidate) BREAKING: Gov’t Shutdown is Ryan’s Fault – Politico landing page
ActBlue Let’s show Republicans their actions have consequences landing page
House Majority PAC it’s time Colin landing page
Mike Honda (candidate) Shudown landing page
DSCC news just broke: (shutdown) landing page Note: a triple-match on donations
Democratic National Committee Midnight landing page Note: landing page uses Optimizely to measure performance
Arizona Democratic Party Hey, Can you help us out? landing page
House Majority PAC 12 hours left… landing page Note: Donation supports a “Tea Party Rapid Response Fund.”
DSCC BREAKING: Senate to reject shutdown plan landing page Note: another triple-match
Emily’s List ** I refuse to let Republicans take control landing page Note: email includes a classic “fundraising thermometer” graphic.
Joe Kennedy III (candidate) real quick landing page Note: email doesn’t explicitly mention the shutdown, but talks about “obstructionism.”
House Majority PAC (as “Stop The Tea Party”) Breaking: GOP poised to shut down government landing page
DNC Colin landing page Note: ask emphasizes quarterly deadline, but does allude to Republican hijinks. Also: sender name = Joe Biden.


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Colin Delany
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