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Media Relations Tips

Fenton Communications has an email newsletter that focuses on media relations but has also covered online advocacy topics such as viral campaigns and working with bloggers. Their latest issue (emailed last week but not yet online) looks at effective online press rooms and has some good ideas...

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TiVo Not The Ad-Killer Some Predicted

According to Frank Ahrens at the Post, far from killing the traditional tv networks as some had predicted, TiVo and other digital video recorders may be helping to save them, in part by allowing people to view two shows at once — watching one immediately while saving the other for later. For...

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Political Candidates’ Natural Predator: The Camera

Besides shooting off his or her mouth, it looks like the easiest way for a political candidate to get in deep macaca is to have “inappropriate” photos posted online. The Boston Herald has an example, though this one seems pretty ridiculous to me. But, digital photos and digital video...

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