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Microtargeting, Direct Mail and Negative Campaigns

Is targeted direct mail the best way to tar an opponent while minimizing backlash? Today’s much-blogged-about Post article on GOP plans for negative campaigning in the Fall contains this nugget, which I’ll expand on: Direct-mail appeals often carry the most negative and potentially...

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Attack of the Splogs

They sound like something out of a B-grade science fiction movie, but splogs are a serious danger to the use of blogs as a communications tool for politics or any other subject. What are they? Spam blogs, set up automatically and by the thousands, filled with stolen text, and designed to take...

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Death of an Ad Man

The king is dead, and none among us is worthy of his throne. I’d never met him or even read his name until today, but his words have etched deep grooves in my mind, into which my ad copy has gratefully slipped: In Japan, the hand can be used like a knife… NOW how much would you...

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