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Quick Hits — November 1, 2006

Media Turning to Blogs for Election Night Reaction. CNN will host an election-night blogger party — let’s hope they provide a nice snack tray. Voters Beware: Internet Gives Free Rein To Jabs. Wikipedia wars! Rude comments galore! Nice quotes from friends-of-e.politics Rob Arena and...

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Choosing E-Newsletter/Email Advocacy Software

Despite the much-discussed problems that have arisen lately with email advocacy, mass messages and email newsletters are still a critical tool for most campaigns and organizations. We use them to educate supporters, spur them to take action when needed, and to raise money. MySpace and similar...

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RNC Texting Election News and Alerts

The Republican National Committee has asked their email list members to sign up to receive election-related news and action alerts via text message. Not the first time the Rs have used text messaging, since Californians could read notes from Ah-nold during the state Republican convention back in...

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Tossing Emails into the Spin Blender

An article by David Jackson in yesterday’s USA Today reminds us that email, just about the oldest online advocacy tool around, is still a useful weapon in the political communications arsenal. Jackson focuses particularly on the White House’s rapid response efforts, but campaigns and...

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