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Easy Online Fundraising?

Peter Deitz has written an overview of a promising fundraising tool on his site, First-of-its-kind. ChipIn lets activists set up fundraising campaigns without having a merchant account or going through a traditional fundraising vendor. The company can host the campaign completely for those...

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Campaign 2006: The Doctor Weighs In

Alan Rosenblatt has written an excellent article on his Dr. Digipol site responding to my campaign wrap-up from the other day. One thing he brings out explicitly is the need to think of online campaigning and offline campaigning as fundamentally intertwined — integration, anyone? There will...

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Just How Much Did Bloggers Affect Campaign 2006?

An article from The Nation questions whether bloggers had a significant effect on the 2006 election. Money quote: “There is no doubt that bloggers leveraged money and political buzz to make races more competitive and put Republicans on the defensive, but it was simply not the decisive...

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Beltway Blogger Boot Camp

Hi kids, if you’ve been meaning to start that blog for your organization but don’t quite know how to go about it, IDI is hosting a Beltway Blogger Boot Camp on Monday. For the low, low price of $150, you can find out more about the process of blogging as part of your communications...

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More Post-Election Wrap-Up

Two different takes on the use of search advertising in this election cycle, with the Rimm Kaufman Group not finding much but analyzing what they did, and Eric Frenchman at Connell Donatelli arguing that the Rimm Kaufman study missed much of the search advertising that was actually going on. He...

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