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A Brief Reminder of Why We Bother

In the political world, it’s easy to demonize the other side. Those bastards want to abolish the social safety net! Those freaks want to let men marry men! We often forget that, in most cases, the freaks and bastards aren’t being evil but instead sincerely believe that they’re...

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Quick Hits — January 12, 2007

’08 race: the first (screen) shots. Henry Copeland looks at early blog advertising by presidential candidates. MarketingSherpa’s 2007 Wisdom Report. According to the site, it covers: “email campaign segmentation tests and results, blogging, podcasting and mobile marketing tips...

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Viral Video Case Studies

The New Politics Institute and film producer Julie Bergman Sender have put together a detailed look at the stories behind several successful viral political videos. What do you need to get your labor of love to spread around the world and shake the pillars of power? What’s better, amateur...

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I Know What You’re Doing Next Friday

ONE NIGHT ONLY! Friday, January 19th! Burning Sensation, DC’s Most Startling Sonic Entity, takes the stage at Solly’s on U Street, ready to ram some serious Rock and Roll deep into your Soul! Yes, Burning Sensation returns to DC after a brief hiatus, armed with some new songs but...

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Survey of Nonprofit Communicators

Nancy Schwartz at Getting Attention writes in to pitch a survey that you might be interested in helping her with: I’m starting off the year by surveying nonprofit communicators on key goals and challenges. Here are a few of the questions: Looking back at 2006, what was your biggest...

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