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Follow-Up: Best Practices for Blog Advertising

Following up on Wednesday’s post on blogger relations and blog advertising, Justin Abbott from Blogads itself has written in with more about designing effective blog advertising campaigns. One of our advertisers, Brian Clark, wrote an awesome (illustrated!) article with a lot of best/worst...

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The Powerful New Tools of 2006: Buy Cable

From the New Politics Institute, the first of four recommendation papers/manifestos intended for progressive campaigns. This installment covers advertising on cable tv, which the Institute argues is cheaper, better targeted and more likely to reach influentials with the right messages than...

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Online Advertising and What Sticks

Just read Seth Stevenson’s Slate review of the book What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds. Sounds like an welcome take on what works in advertising, focusing on numbers instead of the usual anecodotes. Two quick takeaways that are immediately relevant...

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Interview: Using the Internet for Field Organizing

PoliticsTV has a quick but good interview with a couple of speakers from last month’s New Organizing Institute training in DC. For one thing, it looks at nurturing “supervolunteers” — the 5% of your activist list that can turn around and produce more than half of your total...

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