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February 6th, 2008

Quick Hits — February 12, 2008

Potomac Primary special edition — special because for once, DC’s vote actually matters. Update: Over the Horizon: User-Centered Online Politics? Hillary’s Valentine Email to supporters. Tasty treat or sickly sweet? Also check out the viral email that’s helping her. Michelle...

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McCain Video Mashup Parodies Obama "Yes We Can" Video

Citizen media, yet another example of why I love thee: a genius parody of the Obama Yes We Can video, this one featuring John McCain. Call me emotionally stunted, but while the original sends a shiver down the spine in a couple of places, the fundamental insincerity of the McCain version suits my...

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Mixing Wireless Media on Potomac Primary Night

Maybe nobody else thinks this is interesting, but to me it’s fun to realize that as I write this, I’m mixing the oldest and newest widely adopted wireless communications media: radio and wifi. I’m a-sittin’ in my chair, pulling the ‘net from a wireless hub hooked to...

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