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August 12th, 2008

Quick Hits — January 3, 2008

Welcome To The Iowa Caucuses, Viewed Online Through Grassroots Lenses. Can’t get enough Iowa? Let’s hang with the locals. Obama Girl, Britney Boy Top YouTube Videos. More significant: Obama Girl makes the AdRants Raciest Ads of the Year list. Deconstructing Makeup: Is All Viral Media...

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As Iowa Caucus Nears, Huckabee Thanks Bloggers

At least one presidential candidate is not ashamed to count bloggers among his friends: according to Katharine Q. Seelye at The Times, Mike Huckabee held a little event here on Tuesday to thank the roughly 700 bloggers who, he said, were responsible for keeping his campaign alive. Because he had...

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Have Romney Robo-Call Your Friends

Slate’s Trailhead column picked up a very fun feature on Mitt Romney’s site on Wednesday afternoon — enter your name and a friend’s name, and this interesting Flash application will record a phone message for him or her. The site lets you pick issues — hmmmm, American...

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