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June 8th, 2015

E.politics vs. Issue Dynamics: The Showdown

Okay, it’s more a meeting of the minds than a tag-team deathmatch, but Issue Dynamics has posted a virtual interview with me on their Blogger Relations site, the latest in a series of interviews they’be been doing with folks in the blog world. I told relatively few lies, for once, and...

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Making Advocacy Points with Data — or Humor

Two new sites popped up today that take very different yet effective approaches to advocacy. First, the serious side: the new site (Carbon Monitoring for Action) defaults to showing you the worst power plants in the world from a global warming perspective, but it’ll also let you...

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Online Advocacy’s Greatest Enemy: An Errant Truck

Just got word via an email list that Green Media Toolshed’s site went down yesterday, and after the Convio hacking incident a couple of weeks ago, speculation immediately began in some quarters that nefarious happenings were afoot. Turns out, the culprit was a semi-truck, which knocked over...

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