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March 13th, 2008

Online Smackdown: Wal-Mart vs. the Critics

It’s a tag-team deathmatch right here on our beloved internets: Wal-Mart hits its union detractors with a site called (with headlines just a hair short of an Onion parody), and the unions return fire with the finest URL yet seen...

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Email List/CRM Vendors

To supplement the overview of email list building and management, here’s a list of list managment and customer/constituent relations management software vendors. Most of these companies have been around for quite a while and have good track records. I’ll be adding them to the...

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Corporate Blogging Discussion/Book Preview

Debbie Weil, local (DC) blogger and marketing expert extraordinaire, will be previewing her new book on corporate blogging at the 4th Estate (as Debbie has quite helpfully corrected from my original post — I wrote the wrong location) near Farragut North next Tuesday afternoon. Lots of local...

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