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A Remembrance of Portals Past

Last week’s launch announcement for, particularly Howard Kurtz’s profile in the Post, cast my mind back to some other erstwhile political portals that have come and gone in the past 10 years. Kurtz mentions and, each of which is still with us but as...

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Email Advocacy Discussion on July 18th

I haven’t been to any NetSquared events before, but the topic’s certainly timely. What: NetSquared DC- July Meeting When: Tuesday, July 18, 2006, 7:00 PM Where: Science Club 1136 19th St NW Washington , DC 20036 202-775-0747 Description: Beyond the Logic Puzzle with Ryan Ozimek, CEO...

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Online Tactics: Fundraising

Updated January, 2011 The internet really came of age as a fundraising tool in 2004 — the success of the Dean campaign and of groups like startled most political professionals and observers, and other campaigns were quick to put new emphasis on the web and email lists as way to...

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Online Tactics: Viral Marketing/Viral Campaigns

Updated January, 2011 Mmmmmm, mental viruses. Let’s create a video clip, an animation or even an email appeal that’s so compelling that people forward it around the world and do our promotional work for us. It’s basically traditional word-of-mouth leveraged across the internet...

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