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Satirical Blog Post an Issue in Lieberman/Lamont Race

Yesterday, when Jane Hamsher of firedoglake posted a picture on Huffington Post of Joe Lieberman photoshopped into wearing blackface, she was trying to make a point about what she sees as his hypocritical attempts to reach out to black voters. Instead, she handed the incumbent senator a chance to...

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Viral Marketing Case Study

Darren Barefoot has posted an excellent case study of the viral spread of a parody site he created, including tips to give your viral content long online legs. Don’t forget to take dark matter into account! Thanks to Micropersuasion for the initial tip. – cpd...

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Search Engine Optimization Tools

Hey kids, let’s boost our Google rank and become immensely popular and get to sit at the cool table at lunch and stuff. We know the basic methods because we’ve done our homework, but how do we keep track of the results? A site called (“search engine tools for...

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Effective Press Releases in a Search-Driven World

PR guy David Meerman Scott has an excellent (and free) publication on his site about using press releases to reach customers (and by extension, potential campaign supporters) directly. Some quick points: A release sent out through a newswire (PR Newswire, US Newswire, etc) spreads throughout the...

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