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Quick Hits — July 31, 2006

Les Blogs Herald France’s Newest Inalienable Right — The French are crazy about blogs, spending more time on them than Americans, British or Germans. Money quote — “You cannot be elected president of France without a blog.” MySpace Blurs Line Between Friends And Flacks...

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When Welcome Messages Aren’t Welcome

M&R Strategic Services has a report out on how to contact new members of your activist list. The results surprised me, but the authors have actual real-live numbers to back them up — and we all know that Math Never Lies. M&R’s Eve Fox says:...

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Two Upcoming Events

If you’re in the DC area, here are two upcoming events of interest: my old friend Hank Dearden’s regular Second Tuesdays New Media Cocktails and Networking Night on August 8th and Alan Rosenblat’s next Internet Advocacy Roundtable on August 17th. Their invitations follow…...

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More on Political Microtargeting

Two LA Times reporters appeared on WAMU radio’s Diane Rehm show today to talk about GOP long-term plans for political dominance. They spent a lot of time talking about microtargeting, particularly for direct mail, a skill at which the Republicans have excelled over the past few election...

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Online Video and the Transforming of Public Opinion

Continuing today’s video theme, an article about YouTube video clips of the war in Lebanon in today’s Washington Post got me thinking: how soon before an online video changes American (or world) opinion in some fundamental way? Think about the televising of the 1960 presidential...

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