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The Worst Political Websites of 2006

Margarita recipes! Blogging dogs! (“Sometimes he sings to me and I dance and wag my tail…”). Indiana Dan (Burton), complete with bullwhip! These join empty pages, typos galore, “under construction” signs and the much-loved <blink> tag as ways to get on...

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Google Destroyed Message Control

At this week’s Mobile Monday meeting, Alan Rosenblatt said something else that got me thinking: “Google destroyed message control.” He meant it specifically in the sense that he thinks Google has made obsolete the old rule that you should never repeat your opponent’s...

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Facebook as a Political Organizing Tool

Hi folks, I’m just back from a long weekend whitewater rafting in West Virginia — nothing like a solid dose of 55-degree water and sheer terror to focus the mind. A bunch of potential articles have piled up over the four days I’ve been out of the loop, so let’s get started...

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Why Did our Poor Site Have to Crash and Burn?

14th Colony looks at 13 reasons websites fail, ranging from stale content to a shattered budget to a complete lack of promotion. Good reading for anyone involved in an online project — behind each of these points lie a lot of broken dreams and missed opportunities. It’s written from a...

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