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Attempted Viral Campaign Out-Clevers Itself

From Deborah Netburn at the LA Times: Savvy Web publicists, such as those for the ABC show “Lost,” have been adept at using promotional materials that spill out beyond the edges of the show, creating mysteries embedded online or in the real world for fans to chase after. Sometimes...

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Social Media/Social Networks/Podcasting How-To eBook

Micropersuasion reports that search engine marketing company Spannerworks has put out a PDF guide to social media, covering blogs, podcasts, social networks, content communities and Second Life. It’s more of a quick overview than an in-depth examination, but it’s still a good...

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More on Spreading Ideas Through Blogs

Following up on last week’s articles on blod ads and spreading ideas in the blogosphere, IDI’s Blogger Relations blog takes a step back and reminds us to do our homework before we dive in. Next, the article asserts a basic philosophical approach: to work with bloggers, it’s...

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Building a Better Political Campaign Website

The Bivings Report has great list of tips for building campaign sites beyond the usual cookiecutter waving-flag-and-smiling-candidate layout. Some suggestions: give visitors stuff to do besides just give you money, create a site design that says something about the candidate, recognize your best...

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