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Online Politics — A Train That Keeps Arriving

Thinking more about William Saletan’s piece today, it does strike me how often ‘net politics seems to be a force “whose moment has come.” Remember when Bob Dole mentioned his campaign site’s URL in a 1996 presidential debate? Or when a significant number of Americans...

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Excellent Piece on Lamont’s Use of Online Video

John Dickerson of Slate is on the case. A must-read for campaign professionals. Take note: “The Lamont videos were far more effective than tendentious blog posts, and they gave energetic supporters an outlet for their energies (a person can only pound so many yard signs). What’s more...

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Quick Hits — August 7, 2006

Al Gore YouTube Spoof Not So Amateurish: Republican PR Firm Said to Be Behind ‘Inconvenient Truth’ Spoof — now, didn’t I warn you guys about getting caught? Barging Into the Bloggers’ Circle — Washington Post article on blogger relations. Focuses on business...

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