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Communicating With Congress: The 3-30-3-30 Rule

At a meeting a few weeks ago, Alex Treadway of National Journal’s Policy Council mentioned using the “3-30-3-30” rule when communicating with Congress. It sounded like an excellent model, so I asked him to go into some detail for e.politics. I wish I could say that I invented...

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Quick Hits — July 24, 2006

Saving the World, One Video Game at a Time — NY Times piece on using video games as educational and advocacy tools Publishers Mull Online Networking — Media Week article on magazines and social networking/social media South Dakota politics gets hip with online forums — Talks about...

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Email: As Cool As Spats and Starched Collars

As Steve Rubel noted a couple of days ago, and as I touched on at the end of the e.politics section on building and maintaining email lists, younger people are using IM, blogs and social networking sites as a replacement for email, which they generally see as a way to get an attachment or...

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Media Fragmentation and Niche Marketing

Just back from a presentation by the New Politics Institute. I’ll post the video link as soon as they provide it, but in the meantime, here are a couple of quick takeaways: The rise of cable, Tivo and the internet fragments media audiences and helps limit the effectiveness of traditional...

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