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Texas: Rick Perry Buying Ads Preceding Online News Clips

According to the On The Download column at Hotline On Call, incumbent Texas Governor Rick Perry is buying full-length ad spots at the beginning of downloadable news video clips, normally more of a corporate ad strategy. Online news would seem to be well-targeted at opinion leaders, but since the...

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Event: New Media Happy Hour Tonight

Tonight is Hank Dearden’s Second Tuesday New Media Cocktails and Networking happy hour. Make valuable contacts! Meet charming vendors! Eat tasty appetizers! Get ripped and risk utter humiliation in front of your peers (mmmm, my favorite). Details below:...

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Microtargeting, Direct Mail and Negative Campaigns

Is targeted direct mail the best way to tar an opponent while minimizing backlash? Today’s much-blogged-about Post article on GOP plans for negative campaigning in the Fall contains this nugget, which I’ll expand on: Direct-mail appeals often carry the most negative and potentially...

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