Online Advocacy: What's Wired, Tired and Expired?

(As of March 8, 2007)

For a New Organizing Institute training March 7-9, 2007, e.politics and NOI asked online advocacy practitioners to come up with Wired/Tired/Expired listings for several online tools, using Wired magazine's long-running WTE feature as a model. The survey included links to several examples from Wired.

What were the results? First, that this exercise was hard — only 17 of the hundreds of people we asked to participate did so, and several couldn't come up with WTE matrices for all five subjects. Second, more brains may work better than one, since the 15-person groups at the NOI training were able to come up with quite a few good examples for each category in just a few minutes. I'll link to them as well as soon as they're available online.

And now, the results >>