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April 2017
What's new to think about?
In 2016, by my count we had a total of 78 new social media platforms debut in the world and 74 of them disappeared in a month or less. So how does a platform stay relevant to an ever changing set of expectations from users as they continue their march to profitability and long term success. After all, Social Media Platform Wars aren’t new but it’s no longer about all of the platforms trying to be Facebook. Suddenly Facebook seems, in some ways, to be playing a bit of defense by adopting features from other platforms like Snapchat. So where does this all end? Do we end up with just one social platform?
I think the answer is a resounding no. Said competition keeps all of the platforms ever evolving in an attempt to retain users and attract new ones.  Imho, they key is that they need to adapt based on their own platform strengths and weaknesses. They need to learn to embrace what makes them unique and use that to become a key to long term success instead of just a flash in the pan. What your favorite new platform?

Training & Webinar alert:

In case you missed the announcement:  I am teaming up with Organizing 2.0 and New Leader’s Council to lead not one but two Digital Organizing Bootcamps...June 11-16 in New York City and July 9-15 in Denver
Applications are open until midnight April 30… apply today!
April 12 & 13 in Los Angeles, CA Introduction to Digital Organizing
April 22 in Atlanta, GA- Digital for Downticket Candidates

Many more trainings to be announced in cities all over the country in the next few weeks so be sure you are watching our Facebook Page or sign up for the Training Alerts Emails so you don’t miss out

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What I'm Reading
The most informative or thought-provoking articles of the month (IMHO)
What's the value of a Like?- Key sentence: The results were clear: Social media doesn’t work the way many marketers think it does.
Twitter is being unbundled before our eyes- This one you just need to read. Great insights into how and why social platforms constantly adapt features from other platforms
Study: social media bubbles might not be making us more polarized after all- Key sentence: researchers found that those with the least likelihood of being online experienced the highest rate of polarization.
Digital video: The challenge of the opening seconds - With all of the changes in the way the platforms are using video, including Facebook’s recent change about audio this is a good read to give you some things to think about when creating video
What Are Marketers Finding to be the Most Effective Email List Growth Tactics? - How much do we <3 digital cross channel integration as a key to success...some data proving it pays off That time Facebook went too far - How often have we read this kind of article about Twitter imitating Facebook?
Why Facebook Should Be Worried About Other Social Networks - speaking of’s some interesting data to mull over (tho I still maintain that no matter what you’re goals, Facebook is still part of the answer to “which platforms should I be using?”)
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Platform Updates
As social media practitioners, one of our biggest challenges is keeping up with changes to the platforms we all use. I’ll try to provide info on the bigger updates to help you keep pace.

Facebook & Instagram

In case you missed the debut of Townhall
Introducing Messenger Day
Slight algorithm tweak: Reactions now getting a slight relevance score uptick over post likes- it’s still not a good idea to explicitly ask for them as that would negate the advantage
More metric renaming happening
New to Ads: A/B Testing- at long last! And a new ad format: Collections
Yes!- this would make using FB groups in organizing even more agile
Facebook’s long awaited camera app has debuted
New feature being tested: Feature to remind someone to finish watching a video
New front opens in platform wars: Facebook vs GoFundMe

Instagram's turn to mimic Snapchat- this time with geostickers

Instagram Stories ads now available to all


@Replies no longer count in character counts- and not everyone is loving it
Pre roll ads debut on Periscope
More Periscope changes including analytics and the ability to watch Periscopes in Moments

Don't try this at home!

Probably not a great idea to change news headlines on Facebook

Spring is finally springing! See you on the internet!
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