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Quick Hits — November 6, 2006

Gaming the Search Engine, in a Political Season. The Times takes on Google-bombing. Both the Times and the Post have articles looking at political uses of online video, with the Times focusing more on home-made video and the power of viral spread and the Post concentrating more on the ability of...

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Quick Hits — November 1, 2006

Media Turning to Blogs for Election Night Reaction. CNN will host an election-night blogger party — let’s hope they provide a nice snack tray. Voters Beware: Internet Gives Free Rein To Jabs. Wikipedia wars! Rude comments galore! Nice quotes from friends-of-e.politics Rob Arena and...

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Quick Hits — October 27, 2006

Liberal Bloggers Try To Google-bomb Republicans. Chris Bowers of MyDD enlists the blogosphere to try to ensure that the “proper” articles about Republican candidates show up high in search results. Suggested by a loyal reader (thanks, Dad!). (The Bivings Report also takes this topic...

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Facebook as a Political Organizing Tool

Hi folks, I’m just back from a long weekend whitewater rafting in West Virginia — nothing like a solid dose of 55-degree water and sheer terror to focus the mind. A bunch of potential articles have piled up over the four days I’ve been out of the loop, so let’s get started...

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Quick Hits — October 15, 2006

Quick Hits goes local! Candidates go online for young voters. Staten Island Advance looks at candidate MySpace profiles in races in Brooklyn and Staten Island. Social networking, den of sin and lair of iniquity: the article notes that “a number of profiles on Fossella’s list are laced...

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Quick Hits — October 10, 2006

‘Puppets’ Emerge as Internet’s Effective, and Deceptive, Salesmen. Beware the meat puppets! Excellent article by Frank Ahrens in the Post about astroturfing social networking sites, i.e., setting up fake profiles to sell a product. One idea that clearly works: have your campaign...

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