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June 2016
What's new to think about?
As I’ve been traveling the country this year I’ve found myself face to face with a whole host of eager young talent who want to get into the digital organizing space.  This has led me to be thinking a lot more about how to best mentor those I meet who want to specialize in Social Media- there aren’t a lot of social media specialists around and most work for organizations rather than freelance/consulting so my question for y’all this month is this:
Would any of you be interested in mentoring some of the young talent I’ve been lucky enough to meet?

Training & Webinar alert:
Raleigh, North Carolina June 11 & sponsored by the North Carolina Democratic Party and Senate Democratic Whip Terry Van Duyn
Digital Organizing Workshop Netroots Nation announced the 40 trainings that will take place in July in St. Louis at Netroots Nation. I’m excited to be leading There's Only Me in Team: How to Conquer Social Media as a Staff of One with Hilary Woodward of Jobs with Justice and The #1 Way to Engage Your People with Roz Lemieux of (and here’s a great guide to Social Listening they just put out- call it homework)
Austin, Texas Part 2 will feature a 2 day Advanced Digital Organizing Workshop August 8 & 9 and a 1 day Digital Rapid Response Workshop August 10
Stay tuned to my Facebook Page or sign up for the Training Alerts Emails for more announcements in the next few weeks.
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What I'm Reading
The most informative or thought-provoking articles of the month (IMHO)

Do campaigns need to rethink their twitter strategy?- Short answer YES (disclosure: I am quoted in this one)
Video Sharing Survey: Don't Underestimate Humor, Authenticity Or Facebook ... For Now- Some great insights into what makes a video shareable
Social Media and the Most Multilingual US Election Ever- Interesting insight into the efforts of the Presidential campaigns using multilingual content to reach potential voters
The death of the feed means the birth of something better- Couldn’t agree more if I tried
Giphy Wants All the GIFs- The lowdown on the future of Giphy and some surprise tidbits too
Social Media Finds New Role as News and Entertainment Curator- I’d say it’s not really about a new role rather it’s about embracing niches and strengths of the platforms
How Twitter Can Improve On Its Strengths- All of this
How three new platforms are shaping the future of social media- Just read this one

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Make yourself look good with the most interesting and promising tools of the month.
Sidewire - new app built with politics in mind
Spaces- Google is trying social again...the jury is out on this one

Platform Updates
As social media practitioners, one of our biggest challenges is keeping up with changes to the platforms we all use. I’ll try to provide info on the bigger updates to help you keep pace.

Facebook & Instagram

Not at all surprising- here comes Facebook TV (til they give us the official name of course) and Live is already getting some new features like in screen real time reactions and continuous streaming
How close is Facebook Radio?
You may have noticed the flower reaction on Mothers Day...more of those to come - can sponsored reactions be far behind?
Instant Articles are now available to everyone- here’s a good primer on how to use them for maximum impact and some info on results thus far
Power Editor is getting some new features meanwhile Custom Audiences get more targeting dimensions of interest
2 new ways to deliver video ads to Audience Networks
360 photos!!!!


YUGE changes at Twitter ...RIP 140 characters
Periscope starts letting you save videos Beta testing ads in tweets in 3rd party on Hootsuite or Buffer

Other Platforms

You Tube
More competition for YouTube in the form of Amazon Direct
Meet Unplugged and YouTube gets in on the social messaging fun
Getting a long overdue redesign
As Twitter walks away from their foray into scommerce, Snapchat jumps in (and more on SCommerce)
Don't try this at home!
So yeah this really happened #fail
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Winning the Internet:

Team Clinton trolls Trump

All of this!
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Another month gone...another month of travel's hoping that's been stalking me (and killed my day at Six Flags over Texas) finally gives way to sweet summer sun shine and that y'all are eagerly planning some kind of summer getaway!
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