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  July 2015
What's new to think about?

First...thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the short survey in last month’s email. I’m still working on some changes to the actual layout based on your feedback and hope to unveil an easier to read newsletter for you in August. As always, feel free to email me, tweet me or post on FB w/feedback!

So what’s new and exciting? Well after a year of teasing and speculation, Bridgade launched thru invite only pandemonium. I’m still exploring it so won’t share my Brigade specific thoughts quite yet but it does have me thinking about social platforms in general. How many is enough? How many is too many? We often talk about the lowest barrier to entry possible in the digital space, but I find myself wondering if with all the platforms in existence are we in danger of spreading ourselves too thin? Yes we need to be where our community is but at what point is that access diminished by the limited capacity and resources we have?
When I do social strategy training I always emphasize that you can’t and don’t need to be conversing with everyone on every platform so it’s important to identify who you do wants to engage in conversation and then figure out which platforms they use. However, at some point we could end up talking to all the same people in 20 different places- so where do we draw the line?
I don’t have any definitive answers but do think it’s a conversation we should be having everytime we are building out social strategy.

Webinars & Trainings

Webinar: Wednesday, July 8 at 1pm ET my webinar series for ActionSprout will continue with a new webinar focused on the Strategic use of ActionSprout in Facebook Strategy. Registration link coming soon- check my FB page for it!
Netroots Nation: Friday, July 17 at 430pm I’ll be teaming up with Hilary Woodward of Jobs with Justice to do a training We’re Not Upworthy: Social Media for Organizations With No Money, Time or Resources. Also at Netroots Nation I’ll be a part of the Ignite line up during the closing plenary on Sat...I’m not telling what my topic is but I will give you a hint by letting you know I’ll be in my cowboy hat and boots!
Webinars: At the end of July and early August I’ll be teaming with ActionSprout to do repeat performances of past webinars on Facebook Content Strategy, Understanding the Algorithm, Facebook Ad Strategy and Facebook Methods. Stay tuned to my fb page for registration links. Coming in September will be new content webinars.
Social Media Strategy Fundamentals: No registration link yet, but just scheduled another 2 day training to be held in Washington, DC August 20 & 21 for NOI
Facebook Training in your Inbox: Courtesy of ActionSprout...a new 30 day training delivered to your email inbox in short snippets...sign up here

What I'm Reading
The most informative or thought-provoking articles of the month (IMHO)
Note: This section just has a few of the articles that stood out this month but for daily links to articles of interest check out the Becker Digital Strategies Facebook Page which I try to keep filled with interesting articles from the world of social media.
What Twitter Can Be- this article made all the rounds early in the month- written by one of Twitter's investors it has an interesting take on where Twitter should go from here

The Evident Effects of Social Media on the Society – An Analysis- a really good overview of the impact Social Media is having on our lives

Technology and The Evolution of Storytelling- Good reminder that at the end of the day it’s all about the bass errr storytelling (h/t Katie Harbath)

What Instagram Knows About You Could Be More Valuable Than What Facebook Proper Knows About You - I’ve long wondered where and when the data crossover between Facebook and Instagram would start...here’s some good clues

How Facebook Is Bringing Back The Silent Newsreel- Some thoughts about captioning of videos on Facebook with good historical context

Were All Those Rainbow Profile Photos Another Facebook Study? - and imho so what if it was? (Also note that the rainbow profile was at no point actually served to anyone using the FB Megaphone app...it was all word of mouth and people seeing the link when their friends changed their profiles)

A Social Network for Talkers - not long ago I included some tools/articles about the embedding of audio for social...this takes it a step further...very intriguing to me
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Make yourself look good with the most interesting and promising tools of the month.

Handy Social Media Templates
courtesy Buffer
allows you to schedule Instagram posts (not free- starts at $20/month)

Platform Updates
As social media practitioners, one of our biggest challenges is keeping up with changes to the platforms we all use. I’ll try to provide info on the bigger updates to help you keep pace.


Some big newfeed tweaks:

  1. Biggest change- lurkers are now able to send signal to the algorithm thru the amount of time spent looking at content
  2. Now taking into account “video action” - new signals to the algorithm include turning on sound, making a video full screen or enabling high definition

Speaking of video...they’ve now supercharged the data available for native videos

They made some changes to both Ads Manager and Power Editor...minor but important changes

They are also now rolling out the ability for pages to create saved replies for private messages to a page which will help ease constituent management issues

Coming soon: Auto fill fields in mobile FB ads (as in low barrier email sign up-drool!)

You should also be aware that Instagram made a bunch of changes to their ads


Twitter has now tweaked the way conversations show up in timeline a bit

They also made changes to video by adding in auto play and auto play gifs

Also of interest...I don’t usually include YouTube here but they launched a new channel set devoted to amateur shot “breaking news” video that is very intriguing for all the obvious reasons
Don't try this at home!

Basketball legend Shaq accidentally provided this good lesson on vetting who is running your social presence

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Winning the Internet:
Here’s what a winning oops correction looks like courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center (h/t Megan Ackerman)
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Hope to see y'all in Phoenix...if we don't already know each other find me and introduce yourself!
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