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  June 2015
What's new to think about?

I’ve been thinking a lot about time management. We all know that while I personally specialize in social media, most of you have a zillion other tasks that you need to accomplish daily with social media being only a small part of your job. So I constantly find myself looking for tools to help better manage social media, thinking about ways to manage the social media work flow in a way that gives it the attention it needs without being a total time suck. My most recent adventure in this has been playing with tools for automating social content delivery and, yes, even creation. Sadly, I have to report that other than the usual tools like Hootsuite/TweetDeck/SocialBro/Buffer & that class there’s very little out there that can actually substitute for the human touch social media requires.

It also reminds me that even if we were able to fully automate content creation and delivery...we can’t and shouldn’t ever attempt to automate engagement. And at the end of the day, no matter why we are using social media in our work, without that human engagement social media wouldn’t be the powertool in our organizing toolbox that it is.
So as always, the end all and be all of my life is how do we make the time we spend engaging people on social media worth the human time it takes.


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Webinars & TrainingsWebinar: Mon, June 1 & Tues, June 2, 1pm ET/10amPacific both days- my Webinar series hosted by ActionSprout continues with a webinar focusing on April’s Algorithm Changes (semi spoiler below in the reading section) highlighting what the data is showing and things to think about
Also, no link yet but Wed. June 17 & Thurs. June 18 we will be doing one focused on the Strategic Use of ActionSprout...watch my Facebook page for the sign up link
Training: Excited to announce that June 19 & 20 in New York City I will be leading a Social Media Strategy Training co-hosted by Organizing 2.0 and the New Organizing Institute. Registration is now open so register now while seats are still available!

What I'm Reading
The most informative or thought-provoking articles of the month (IMHO)
Note: This section just has a few of the articles that stood out this month but for daily links to articles of interest check out the Becker Digital Strategies Facebook Page which I try to keep filled with interesting articles from the world of social media.
Beyond Vanity Metrics: Toward better measurement of member engagement- if you haven’t read this yet, stop reading this email and go read this

Facebook Pages’ Organic Reach Survives Changes- Another must read. The bottom line..once again the reachopalypse still hasn’t actually happened ...and this is consistent with data I’m seeing.

Social Media: Why We Share Things Online- if you’ve heard one of my trainings where I talk about the Social Self, this is another take on the same concepts in a different framework that I kinda like

7 TIps for Overlaying Text on an Image- if you’re not a graphics expert like me you’ll find these handy tips useful

Social Share Buttons are Dead and Unused- What say you? More importantly, what does your data show?

What can make audio go viral?- Thoughtful piece that I think we should be working on more as we run into another hot and heavy electoral season...think sound bites and speech clips. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the platforms are working on embedded audio...especially Twitter w/their dockable video coming soon

Millennial-Mobile “How-To” Searches Explode On YouTube- Makes me think a bit more about the kinds of campaigns we run with video

More Americans are using social media to connect with Politicians- this month in the duh category but nice to have some numbers such as they are
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Make yourself look good with the most interesting and promising tools of the month.

I haven’t actually played w/this yet but this is an app that turns your Facebook page into a website...intriguing
handy tool to find the # of social shares on links
Just started playing with this...good interface to prompt thinking about physical location and online presence and how the 2 can complement each other
Platform Updates
As social media practitioners, one of our biggest challenges is keeping up with changes to the platforms we all use. I’ll try to provide info on the bigger updates to help you keep pace.

Facebook Facebook made no real changes in May...at least none that directly affect Pages. They did begin their special features for Publishers which include full articles on Facebook with fast load times, shared ad revenue on hosted content and more. Some of this will seep out to Pages eventually is my suspicion...how quickly or to what extent remains to be seen of course, that’s just an educated guess on my part.
CNN had a great roundup of some of the highlights of what was announced at the annual F8 conference if you’re curious what’s coming...of these what excites you the most?

Twitter No need to have a Twitter account to use Periscope...also Periscope is now live for Android!
Speaking of Periscope...there will be no ads on Periscope or Vine (or so they say for now)

New! Audience Insights but as of yet not exportable

Upcoming conferences/gatherings:

Netroots Nation 2015 To be held next year close to home in Phoenix, Arizona this is a don’t miss conference!

Don't try this at home!

It’s a Monday...we all need a good laugh on a Monday right? Go ahead...click...at the very least it’ll make you roll your eyes and smile all at the same time (thanks to Sandi Behrns for sending me this!)

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Winning the Internet:
Hands down Team Clinton won May in my opinion!

Also nice to see Potus on his own Twitter account...tho some people on Twitter are just ignoramous maroons as the saying goes
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That’s all for this month...I'm off to Nashville for an actual vacation - 5 days of nothing but good beer and country music at CMA Fest! Have a great month!
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