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Unveiling the Online Politics Cabinet

The media attention’s on Barack Obama’s potential choices for jobs in HIS Cabinet, but what about OURS? E.politics has selflessly taken on the task of assembling a core group of crack online political operatives to help Bring Our Nation into the 21st Century — they can get...

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How to Become a Political Robocall

The mission: to build a Halloween costume that’s both politically topical and DOESN’T involve Sarah Palin. The constraints: limited time, weak hand/eye coordination, no patience. Bonus for: shininess. The result: political robocalls, embodied in physical form. Instructions and...

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Friday Fun: Bocephus/Palin ’08

Country royalty has weighed in on the presidential race — Hank Williams Jr. (known to the kids as the “Are You Ready for Some Football” guy) released a song earlier this week praising the virtues of the current Republican ticket. It’s stuck with a yawner of a title...

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Friday Fun: Sarah Palin Art

Seen yesterday in the window at Skynear and Company in Adams Morgan: Mmmmmmmmmmm satire, my favorite! And quick turnaround time, too. But wait, there’s more — a third panel in the series is waiting for you at the corner of 18th and Wyoming. – cpd...

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