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Let’s Go To Austin: SXSW 2009

Hey y’all, I just broke down and bought a Platinum Badge for next year’s South by Southwest — I’ll be there for the full 10 days of celebrating creative culture via music, film and the internet (plus there are all the parties, and what they lead to). Taking on the full...

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Friday Fun: Catch a Falling Spaceship

The Europeans sure know how to throw a party — for this one, they arranged a fireworks display at a cost of several hundred million dollars (wait about 30 seconds). The Jules Verne was the first of a series of robot resupply ships built by the European Space Agency, and it docked with the...

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OneWebDay Events Today

Hey y’all, don’t miss out on the OneWebDay fun today: in DC, there’ll be a time capsule burial in the late morning and a happy hour at Tryst (Adams Morgan) after work. You’ll have to dig a hole/have a drink without me, though — I’m hopping a train to NYC for an...

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