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Friday Fun: Catch a Falling Spaceship

The Europeans sure know how to throw a party — for this one, they arranged a fireworks display at a cost of several hundred million dollars (wait about 30 seconds). The Jules Verne was the first of a series of robot resupply ships built by the European Space Agency, and it docked with the...

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OneWebDay Events Today

Hey y’all, don’t miss out on the OneWebDay fun today: in DC, there’ll be a time capsule burial in the late morning and a happy hour at Tryst (Adams Morgan) after work. You’ll have to dig a hole/have a drink without me, though — I’m hopping a train to NYC for an...

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These Kids These Days: Let’s Take ’em On

First my lawn and now the internets, the damn kids are everywhere nowadays I tell you what. A menace! With their hippity hop and their Facebooks and their constant use of the word “like” as a conjunction, I can’t hardly make sense of a thing they do. But fortunately, Alex Steed...

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