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Online Advocacy Tools: Social Media

Updated January, 2011 Social media is a broader concept than social networking, though people often put them together — it refers generally to content that is created by random internet users rather than by a central person or group. YouTube and Wikipedia are great examples of sites built on...

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Online Advocacy Tools: Blogs and Blogger Relations

Updated January, 2011 Blogs, one-time sweet darlings of the political internet world. I can still remember the first time I figured out what a blog WAS, back in the spring of 2003 (I was at South by Southwest, listening to a presentation and no doubt recovering from a hangover). Okay, so what IS...

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Online Advocacy Tools: Email Lists

Updated January, 2011 If you’re an online organizer, your activist list is often your most precious possession outside of your website — its members are your supporters, your regular readers and frequently your source of precious cash. You’re likely to spend an enormous amount of...

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Online Advocacy Tools: Websites

Updated January, 2011 For most campaigns, a website serves as an online focal point. It’s your virtual storefront, pulpit, recruiting office, library and begging center all rolled into one. Very often, it’s the first impression people will have of you — it’s your public...

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The Internet as a Political Tool

Updated January, 2011 Before talk about tactics, let’s think about the medium itself. What are the salient characteristics of the internet as a political communications tool? 1. Ease. Anyone with an internet connection can set up a website or launch an email campaign — the only...

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