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Political Candidates’ Natural Predator: The Camera

Besides shooting off his or her mouth, it looks like the easiest way for a political candidate to get in deep macaca is to have “inappropriate” photos posted online. The Boston Herald has an example, though this one seems pretty ridiculous to me. But, digital photos and digital video...

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Microtargeting Washington Post Readers

[Click here for more about political microtargeting.] If you’re a regular e.politics reader, you know I’m crazy for microtargeting and niche marketing. The Washington Post turns out to have some frankly amazing tools for zeroing in your message on particular categories of readers. You...

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E.politics has Switched to FeedBurner

Hey kids, e.politics is now using FeedBurner to manage its RSS feed. If you’re an RSS subscriber and have any problems (i.e., the feed is inaccessible or doesn’t seem to be updating), let me know. FeedBurner is useful because it lets you track how many people are subscribing to your...

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Dramatic Results from Email Newsletter Redesign

Marketing Sherpa has a great piece on the results Sierra Club got from an email newsletter redesign — they found that improving the way the layout looked and functioned in the preview pane of Outlook and other email programs dramatically improved the click rate for individual articles...

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