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Download Online Politics 101

“Online Politics 101: The Tools and Tactics of Online Political Advocacy” gathers the e.politics how-to articles into one conveniently packaged (and free) publication. Each chapter contains a link to the live version on with updates and related materials. Download the...

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Quick Hits — September 25, 2006

Few Watch Drug PSAs On YouTube. The Office of National Drug Control Policy finds that viral marketing is hard if your audience doesn’t want to take its medicine. Political advertisers take note — YouTubers will watch what THEY want to watch, not necessarily what you WANT them to watch...

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Idealware: Excellent Resource for Advocacy Groups

From their site: “Idealware provides candid Consumer-Reports-style reviews and articles about software of interest to nonprofits, centralized into a website. Through product comparisons, recommendations, case studies, and software news, Idealware allows nonprofits to make the software...

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Follow-Up: Best Practices for Blog Advertising

Following up on Wednesday’s post on blogger relations and blog advertising, Justin Abbott from Blogads itself has written in with more about designing effective blog advertising campaigns. One of our advertisers, Brian Clark, wrote an awesome (illustrated!) article with a lot of best/worst...

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The Powerful New Tools of 2006: Buy Cable

From the New Politics Institute, the first of four recommendation papers/manifestos intended for progressive campaigns. This installment covers advertising on cable tv, which the Institute argues is cheaper, better targeted and more likely to reach influentials with the right messages than...

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