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Off in Drupal-land

In typical fashion, the fast-approaching SXSW trip has done wonders to focus the mind here in the e.politics bunker — and by “focus the mind,” I mean, “cause a panicked rush to finish a ton of projects.” First on the list has been to make serious progress on a client...

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Learning Drupal

So there I was, sitting innocently around the e.politics bunker, wondering how to pass the time now that the election’s over and the economy’s going to hell (already switched from champagne to Pabst Blue Ribbon, FYI). Wait, didn’t I have a client site to build? Oh, yeah —...

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Back in Business!

Okay, that was interesting — after a catastrophic hardware failure at our ISP and a couple of days of problems with the site, is back up and running at full steam. Thursday morning, I suddenly stopped getting any messages sent to an email address — things...

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