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November, 2009

Pinterest for Politics: Not Just a Shiny New Toy

Update: Check the comments for an interesting conversation breaking out. Guest article! The latest from our old friend Beth Becker, who’s seized with excitement over Pinterest, the latest shiny object potentially useful item in our ever-growing social media toolkit. Also, check out...

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24-Hour Protest People: Details on Our SXSW Panel

South By Southwest is coming up fast and I can’t hardly wait to get there, I tell you what. One highlight SXSW-goers shouldn’t miss: our very own panl on the Occupy Movement and citizen journalism: Occupying Media: 24-Hour Protest People The Occupy Wall Street Movement began in...

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…In Which My Mad Kung Fu Skillz Are Revealed

Last night’s GIF Party hosted by the Tech Ladymafia was more than just a chance to enjoy happy hour prices at the Science Club — it was also a true celebration of the humble .gif, the web’s workhorse graphic format since way back in the way-on-back. In fact, the party organizers...

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RootsCamp Has Sold Out!

This weekend’s RootsCamp has sold out — not as in “sold out to The Man,” but actually sold out of tickets! Very cool for New Organizing Institute and the whole RootsCamp crew, but a bummer for you if you haven’t gotten your pass yet. will be a sponsor...

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